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August News Letter


Don’t forget , this month’s club night on 2nd August will be held at the Woodman Pub NOT Blackmore Social Club.


At the last club night it was decided on the new venue, hopefully this will work out well and as the old saying goes, “a change is as good as rest”.


Recent events

 Damyns Hall 

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It’s been a relatively quiet month for days out, the 16th of July saw 6 cars at Damyns  Hall Aerodrome for an enjoyable day out that had something for everyone. This was in aid of Mind, a local mental health charity. It was well attended by the public and was an easy to get to event only being in Upminster. 5 cars went in at the start of the event with one turning up at lunch time, trouble getting out of bed? You know who you are.


John and Jackie and Dave and Sandra completed the North Coast 500, this involves starting at Inverness going up the east coast of Scotland to John o’ Groats, across the very top, down the west coast and back to where you started from. I’ve been told this was a very enjoyable trip and having done a JOGLE myself I can thoroughly recommend the roads in Scotland as some of the nicest I’ve driven in this country.


Coming up

20th August:-  Battlesbridge Custom Culture Show

20th August:-  Club picnic at Frinton

3rd September:-  Frankie's Classic Car & Bike Fest with Vintage Market

17th September:-  Colchester Classic Vehicle show

24th September:-  Battlesbridge 

For more details on these events see the Up Coming Events page.


Other News


For those of you that haven’t read the latest copy of Enjoying MG (shame on you) one of our members, Michael Beswick, has written an interesting article about his supercharged B. This gives an interesting insight in the trials and tribulations of getting his B running the way it should. If you’re out on a run and a blue streak comes past you at what seems an improbable speed, it’ll probably be Michael.


On other matters, the new committee is starting to find its feet, it’ll take a while to get to Andrew’s level but as British Rail used to say, “we’re getting there”. I’ve made a few changes to the web site and I’ll be making some more over the next couple of weeks, any suggestions are welcome and if they’re feasible I’ll try to incorporate them. I’ve added a list of upcoming events, it’s a bit sparse at this time but if you know of a future event let me know and I’ll include it. I’ve moved the pages of previous events to a single button on the menu bar, this gives a drop down menu that you can then choose from. I’m planning to keep past newsletters, they’ll be under a single News Letter button with a drop down list. One suggestion has been to have entry forms downloadable, I think this is a good idea and I’ll look at the best way to implement this. Where possible I’ll be making points of interest clickable, this means if you see something that’s underlined you can click on it to take you directly to the web site.


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