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Car related links

  • MG Owners Club                                    Owners club home page
  • MG Owners club spares                         Owners Club spares
  • MG Owners Club Workshop                   Owners Club Workshop
  • MGB Hive                                                MGB spares


Car related information

  • MGF and TF info                                      Useful F and TF info in German and English including wiring diagrams      


Bulletin Boards and Forums

  • MG Cars                                                    MG technical and general info
  • MG-Rover.org                                            MG and Rover info and chat forum



  • John Twist's videos                                  An interesting series of videos with tutorials and servicing info


MGB links

  • Wiring diagrams                                       simplified MGB wiring diarams in colour
  • Workshop manual                                    MGB workshop manual in PDF format downloadable if required


Insurance links


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